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Four Steps


Step One | 1

    STEP ONE | 1

    A consultant samples the teeth shade before the treatment.

    Step Two | 2

      STEP TWO | 2

      A consultant applies the gel onto the mouth tray. The client then puts the filled mouth tray onto the teeth.

      Step Three | 3

        STEP THREE | 3

        A consultant turns on the lamp for the minimum of 7 minutes and locates the lamp as close to the mouth tray as possible.

        For the full treatment steps 2 and 3 should be repeated 3 times.

        Step Four | 4

          STEP FOUR | 4

          Compare the original and the final teeth shades!


          The combination of the ingredients and manufacturing technology sets the unique recipe for our PEARLSMILE® cosmetic teeth whitening treatment. Ingredients of the gel comply with the European directive 2011/84/EU on cosmetic teeth whitening and contains the total amount of Peroxyde no more than 0.1%. Our gel is manufactured in Germany and has a quality and safety compliance certificates. Our clients get 100% cosmetic treatment.

          All PEARLSMILE® products have proper certification around the world.


          Pearl Smile GmbH is a leading cosmetic teeth whitening treatment manufacturer and has the right to be known as the creator of the original concept.

          The highly effective gel in combination with the LED lamp technology ensures the high effectiveness of  the PEARLSMILE® cosmetic teeth whitening treatment. The effectiveness and safety of the treatment has been clinically tested and showed its effectiveness on practice around the world.

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